Update 2022: I'm no longer using this keyboard as my daily driver. I've switched to a Keychron K8.

After pondering the idea of getting a mechanical keyboard for a while, earlier this year I bit the bullet and ended up with the Durgod Taurus K320.

The Taurus K320 is primarily a Windows keyboard and I'm a Mac OS user. For the most part, this isn't a problem and requires a tiny bit of tinkering to get it working properly.

The only downside to this is that the right Fn key doesn't work with Mac OS, it's a dud. This doesn't bother me but may bother other people.

I had to remap some of the keys, I found a fantastic free tool called Karabiner-Elements which makes it super easy to remap keys, among other things. In Karabiner, you can remap another key to use as Fn.

Although mechanically everything was working great, I had the unthinkable cosmetic problem of having a Windows Key on my Mac keyboard 😳.

I hunted around and to my surprise, I found very few PBT keyboard keys available to solve my problem, luckily I found these keys.

It won't be to everyone's liking but I'm very happy.